Love is suicide

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My love isn’t enough,
For it never will be.
She has always been better,
so now i’m writing this letter.
This is the letter were it will be m last goodbye,
So please don’t cry.
Why have i never been the one you picked?
Am I that bad?
I gave you my all,
willing to let my self fall.
I figured you would catch me if you care.
Now im falling through thin air.
While I hold my hands out for you to take me,
but instead I fall to the ground and it breaks me.
Don’t you understand my heart is like a piece of glass.
If you drop it, its likely to shatter.
What do you care?
im dieing for you, and all you do is stare!
I could be laying on the floor bleeding.
While you rather stay with a girl you caught cheating.
I love you.
Now im walking out the door,
my blood now pouring.
I doubt you will see me in the morning.
Good luck with her.
Im sure my love is nothing but a blur.
I am slowly dieing for you,
my skin turning to blue.
Wont you save me?
Im giving you one last chance.
But of course,
you pick her.
So now im on my way home,
feeling all alone.
I grab a knife.
not thinking twice.
So I stab my heart.
Now you want me?
too late.
Dying alone is my fate.

This post was submitted by Jessica ELlis.

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