Loving Words for my Unborn Baby

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There are no words to describe,
the feelings I have inside.
Each new day is a magnificent one,
and waiting for you,
my daughter or son,
is an emotional and intense time
because a mother’s love is one of a kind.
I am blessed to be waiting for your arrival.
I promise, my little one,
to be the best mom I know I can be.
I will love you forever unconditionally!

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Category: Baby Poems
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15 Responses

  • Mackeran says:

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

  • assiya says:

    that is soo cute!!!

  • abby says:

    how touchy..:-)
    i can understand how you feel….love it..

  • Tiara says:

    I love it i am about to be a mom in 6 more months and i am so happy to have my baby i love this

  • Anabela Loureiro says:

    Thank you all for the lovely comments..it means alot. @Tiara; I wish you a pleasant delivery & a healthy life with your precious bundle of joy. God bless!

  • Esperanza says:

    When a child is born… On that exact day so is a Mother… Everyone tells you what to expect… And how to prepare but no one warns you that in being a mother you allow your whole heart to walk outside of your body forever. Never knowing how it is that you can love one person so much. It only takes one word thereafter to melt your heart MOMMY!!!!

  • Anabela says:

    Esperanza, I agree with you. It is honestly the best feeling in the world. I have three children and the love I have for them is indescribable and unconditional.<3<3<3

  • ashley says:

    I live it. It explains exactly how I feel about my kid even though he isn’t born yet but will be in at least 7 more days <3

  • ashley says:

    Luv it

  • romy says:

    It’s really so nice,,,,every mother have 99% same feelings, emotions and love for kids.

  • Sharon says:

    a mother’s love never change I’ m pregnant and feel blessed to have a baby in my tummy ….

  • Sarah Bachu says:

    I am about to be a mom in 2 months and I can’t wait..wen I hear his heart Beating inside me I feel more alive!!God is really good??

  • Pippa Houia says:

    Amazing this is what I think of my daughter, 18 more weeks till she is here.

  • Perla Rivera says:

    Lovely for an unborn baby

  • Mamas comedy says:

    You inspire me. Through this text I can express my profound love to my God given treasure ( son & daughter. God bless you…



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