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When a man is hindered to indulge love
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
A man is lost in the deep endless void
The man is incomplete… unable to revive
No words, no songs, not even Shakespeare’s sonnets can comprehend

When a man is rejected from his rights to love or be loved
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
He has lost the primary goal in life
He is trapped in love’s puzzle… paradoxed
No friends, no family, not even Aphrodite can substitute

When a man’s love is unrequited
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
His love and hope is once rejected
His spirit to live starts to faint… subsequently his life
No shrink, no wealth/fame, not even the fountain of youth can re-offer

The worst of all is when the man knows
The man knows deep within himself
That the reason why he has no love
Why he is lost, trapped, and fainted
Was his and only his fault

The guilt the sorrow the regret
Is devouring from within
Literally reaps him slowly
The Grim himself has admitted
That unrequited love is the worst way to die

Time itself slows down to make the man suffer
Cronus speaks, “Let him die as slow as he possibly could…
Let him savor the outcome of his own actions
Let us sedate the time from dusk to dawn…
Let him mourn for the touch that he did not deserve”

Shakespeare’s poems could not comprehend
Aphrodite herself could not substitute
The fountain of youth’s offer means nothing
Reaper’s scythe defeated of its power
Cronus prolonged the time of suffering

All chances I’ve wasted
To win I’m defeated
To live I’ve seen no meaning
“Give up” my conscience’s song
“Take that one more step, towards life’s denouement”

This post was submitted by Alvin.

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