Memory Is All I Have…

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Life is cruel
Even when you have
The winter’s worth gruel.

Unable to bear the quaking chill
Innocents fall asleep
Never to see the day again…

You are one of them now…
Why? I ask: why did you not
Tell me that you were going?

Why did you try to run alone?
Here with me when you had a home?
Why did you leave me?

Did you not think
How it would shatter my heart
To see you lying there–so still,so cold…

You knew me when others didn’t
You came to me when others ran…
Then, why did you befriend the Black hand?

Why did you give up?
You always were a survivor…
What happened????

On my lap you used to play
Never caring about the day…
Now, your memory is all i have…

You have gone beyond
And i know i’ll never see you again
And that is such a pain…
Memory is all i have…

This post was submitted by Naini Kh.

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