Message in the Bottel: “Eternally”

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I know I’m just a cast away,
who’s trapped in an island, lost at sea
who’ll spend another lonely day,
with no one but me..

I still see you as I close my eyes and lay;
so often that almost took my breath away,
so I’ll just close my eyes and pray,
for the strength I need to help me stand today;

I know that you’re so far away from me,
and from this island, I sure can’t flee,
though, being happy is all I hope you’ll be,
this just mean: I love you and
I have to set you free.

the message in this bottle doesn’t mean S.O.S
but to say I love you with all my best..
and though I’m in the middle of this mess;
this is not a good enough reason
to love you any less..

You’re almost a hundred miles away,
though, there’s something, to you,
I just want to say,
The memories we had will always be with me,
Now and ever ETERNALLY.

This post was submitted by Joefe B. Dagdag II.

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