Missing my brother

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Brother I miss you so much,
I lay in bed at night thinking of you,
Crying, trying to figure out,
What to do,
Why did he take your life?

As you lay in the hospital fighting for your life,
He sits in a room thinking of what he has done wrong,
Maybe he will get prison maybe he will die,
But taking your life will never be a lie,
The hammer to your head,
As you lay in your bed,
Fighting him off,
Pushing him away,
He gets to run,
You fight it out,
To save Ryans life,
Enough strength to dial out,
Helicopters come,
Rush you in,
Tubs in your mouth,

Two days after,
Machines start beeping, while we are sleeping,
I jump up wondering what’s wrong,
Who was to know that was the day you would be gone,
Watching slowly you letting go,
I cry by your bed side when they tell me something I never wanted to know,
I fall from weakness,
Thinking I will never see you again,
Who was to know you would be leaving,
Alone in the world,
I sit and wonder,
What to do now?
That man that took your life,
He took our hearts,
Who would have known?
I sit here all alone.

I love you

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6 Responses

  • FloraT. says:

    Hi im Flora and i just wanna say i miss my brothers too and i love this poem. 🙂

  • gail says:

    I love this poem it bring tears to my eyes as i just lost my twin brother just two months ago sorry for your lost and hope that the man that made your brother suffer he suffer harder.

  • Soniya says:

    Beautiful poem!!!!!!
    It is full of feeling.
    The one who has experienced this can understand this.
    I have gone through this deep heart feeling

  • leanna says:

    Hey nice poem…I had lost my little brother three years ago but only people who have experienced know the pain never goes away.

  • Tshepo G Modirwa says:

    At times I read poems like this, reality hits me that one day, I’ll be writing the one about one of my brothers, or them writing about me. Even though it’s never easy or happen, be strong guys!!!

  • shani says:

    this poem really touch my…heart… bcoz my brother died on an accidnt…so… i miss him very much i think its my life when am reading this poem



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