Missing You

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your sweet voice haunts my mind.
I see your face in my dreams at night,
Your visit is always sweet and kind.
Although you are not with us at this time
I feel your energy; A warmth like sunshine.
I remember how you gave your motherly advice
And your casual conversation was always nice.
Sometimes I feel lost without being able to tell you
Hello or Goodbye.
I feel like there’s nothing left to do but cry.
But I know you would want me to stay strong
I dry my tears and fight to move on.
But still missing you;
Reality creeps in and I think of good times
We miss you but we have to go on with our lives;
I get lonely knowing we will forever be apart
But your memory lives on and will always be in our hearts.

This post was submitted by LaTisha Gaylor.

Category: Mother poems
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14 Responses

  • loida says:

    so sad……………….i miss my mom so much

  • tiffany says:

    i miss my mom soooo much too and this poem touched me and brought tears to my eyes…

  • jennifer says:

    I love my mother a lot, she is my life. I miss you mom.

  • Luke Burgess says:

    Very moving, echos the way I feel when I think of my mother & father, I know they were the best their is “a mother beyond all compare “a father like no other, cherished memories live in my heart until the day we hold hands once again, I miss you dearly.

  • Ashley says:

    I miss my mom so much I would do anything to get her back….I love you mom…I wish you were here.

  • Melissa says:

    Wow that is a beautiful poem.

  • Nazu says:

    i miss my mom too 🙁

  • Mark says:

    It has been close to a year that I loss my mom but this poem says it all.

  • jenica says:

    I read this 6 x I really like this:)

  • Laura says:

    So beautiful I lost my mum in december 2 days after xmas I also had a baby girl 2 weeks before they day before she died was the first time she met her and held her andmy little boy misses her and asks for her all the time miss you so much mum my bestfriend xxxxxxx

  • Vicky says:

    I was looking for the best poem for my mother who went to heaven 3 yrs ago tomorrow, I just miss her so much, it all seems as if it was yesterday :'( I wish I can go back in time and be with het again or I wish I can just fly to heaven and bring her back with me. Thank you so much to who ever wrote this beautiful poem.

  • Nicole Curry says:

    Dark eye moment (RIP)

  • kathy says:

    my mom passed in 2010 but i still miss her every day

  • safaa says:

    love you mom you are spacial-to our heart you are everything to-our life we need you around us you are very strong mom i will be your slave for ever my sweet mom



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