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why cant you just tell me how u feel
instead of me trying to guess
you say girls are complicated but guys are too
you never know what there thinking
if there thinking about you
your really confusing me and summer is near
i wont get to see you until next school year
thats so far away
i don’t know what to do
should i ask you out or just stay friends
because you wont give me a clue
and im running out of time
running after you
you finally gave me an answer
it wasn’t what i expected
you said you liked me but only as a friend
so all that time you spent with me
you were just being nice
and obviously it didn’t mean the same thing i thought it meant to you
now i wish you never told me the truth
then i could keep wondering
how life would have been with you
but now i know
i never had a chance to ever be with you .

This post was submitted by krista.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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