My Angel

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You are my Angel,
Watching me above.
You are my Angel,
It’s you I love.

You are my Angel,
I never doubt you.
You are my Angel,
I love you true.

You are my Angel,
Never in the wrong.
You are my Angel,
Love is lifelong.

I won’t even doubt,
That you never hear my shout.
My wishes, prayers and dreams,
All my tears and screams.

You have carried me along,
Even when I’m in the wrong.
You have held my hand,
But now I must stand.

You taught me words,
The calls of birds.
You never said a letter,
Still you taught me to be better.

You never showed me,
What life could be.
You only showed me,
What I could achieve.

I look up to a star,
And wish you weren’t so far.
Because nobody can know,
That I can’t let go.

I need you Granddad,
Take away all the bad.
I know you can’t say it’s alright,
But its written in the clouds tonight.

I love you,
I love you true.
You love me,
How more perfect can this be?
Because you’re not with me, but you’re here.

This post was submitted by Megan Giles.

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