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I keep searching for an answer,
But I never seem to find one.
I’m here, you’re here,
But for what?

I keep looking around me,
And all I see is tragedy.
People dying over here,
People dying over there.
But I’m here, you’re here,

I keep hearing sounds,
Sounds of bombs,
Sounds of people screaming,
And sounds of laughter.
But I’m here, you’re here,

I take a closer look at you,
I see what you’re holding in your hand.
I look at the knife,
I start to scream, you do the same.
I stop and so do you.
I’m here, you’re here,
What’s going on?

I take a step back,
You take a step forward.
I reach out my hand,
You do the same.
Once we touch,
I understand.
I’m you and you’re me.

And that’s when I found my answer.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Moody..

Category: Life Poems
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