My Dad

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Never had my pops, he was never around.
He was always on the road, always out of town.
But when he did come through he was acting crazy.
Mama said he was a fool getting caught up with the ladies.
He’d might stop by and throw me a dollar or something.
It wasn’t really much but it was better than nothing.
When he was gone I was supposed to be the man of the house.
Ready to take on anybody but was scared of a mouse.

He used to make fun of me, said it was going to make me tough.
I did a lot of things for him but it was never enough.
All the kids my class said they were going to be like their fathers.
But not me, I never had one, because mind didn’t bother.
He once said he was going to take me fishing.
And when that day came up he went missing.
On my birthday I waited up for him all night.
Mama said go to bed because he was getting high as a kite.

He did a lot of bad things but I can’t ask him to be something he’s not.
Because that’s my dad and it’s the only one I got.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

Category: Father Poems
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2 Responses

  • Donnajean says:

    This is so sad but true and my heart goes out to our youth,,, if only things could be so different . Our society has changed , as unexceptable situation , it happens to many of our children with un caring dads and moms,,, I appoligize for what society is excepting and for lack of Love .

  • ruchi says:

    Hmmm… Sweetheart though it’s sad and your poem shows a deep pain but you’ll realize when you become a parent all day do is struggle just to make are life worth living and not to face things they have faced this is their mindset and concern try and understand your dad dear !! He loves you nd he doesn’t expect you to be like him but find yourself a place in this world !



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