My Daughter

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You’ve had more than your share
Of challenges to bare,
So pretty and sweet with the strength to defeat
The demons that threaten your life.

Your light is so bright you delight
the poorest of souls through the darkest of night
As you weave your magic on waves of silk
And wings of gossamer gold.

An olde soul – born bold and sure,
A teacher of ancient wisdom and lore,
With words unique you give strength to the weak
And your courage is a mark for the meek.

You are destiny’s child, not wild,
With calming intent to smile,
And a head on your shoulders of someone much older,
You inspire the desire in those who aspire, to try and try again.

But take care and beware when you seek to find
An answer too quick to be true….
You can’t choose to die because Death chooses who,
And you cannot rearrange, or change,
What fate has in store for you.

You have much to give and you need to live
So the gift of your passion and good will you give
Means all that you do will ease the pain
Of the breathless and lost and sadly insane.

With compassion and care you give hope from despair
And your Mothering nature breathes relief from the grief
Of the struggle to survive in a world that is hard
For those that are born of a lesser god.

This post was submitted by Ingrid Fjastad.

Category: Daughter Poems
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