My Definition of Love

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Because of you I know what love is,
It’s the feeling I get when you’re around
When you hold my hand or just playing around,
It’s when I wake up and all I think about is you
Or when I go to bed, happy because I say you,
It’s the butterflies in my stomach
And the way you say my name,
The way you talk about me to your friends and to my face,
It’s the way you look in my eyes, and never wanting to let go,
It’s more than words can explain,
And yet there’s jut three word…I Love You

It’s the way my heart skips a beat every time you look my way,
Or when I feel there’s nothing in the world that can say,
I love you more than me
You are thee best thing that ever happened to me
But hey, don’t get a big head…
I can stand on my own two feet too
I may fall, but I know you’ll be there,
To catch me when I do,
You’re my best friend and yet my love,
It’s the best feeling you can give me…Love,
Because I know that in the whole world,
Somewhere out there,
Your there thinking of me, loving me.

This post was submitted by Katie Tesch.

Category: Love Poems
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