My Favorite Mistake

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I hear the wind whisper in my ear,
And the birds singing on the tree.
The rays of the sun lingers on me,
I open my eyes, and you’re not here.

Late I’m up with thoughts of you,
But show no hint that you do too.
Here at the crowd, to meet someone new,
But inside my wits I wish it’s you.

I miss the time we’re here together,
Moments when we disregard the other.
I miss the day we’re out for a movie,
Now I sat alone just thinking of thee.

I waited here for so long,
The other said won’t come along.
For an instant, I feel so lonely,
But you once said, “Always be happy”.

You’re the one, who taught me,
To enjoy life and feel lucky.
And whenever I feel gloomy,
You were always there beside me.

Loving you is my favorite mistake,
It gives me the sorest headache.
I wonder why we’re on the same line,
It averts me for making you mine

You are my light on a somber day,
You are the color of my murky face.
You are my rainbow after the rain,
The aurora borealis of my morning.

This post was submitted by Joanne Minas.

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