My First Love Story

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It’s all started as we walk
‘Coz you’ve been different as we talk
Smiles are on our faces
No other emotions than happiness

Dawn the town, we are laughing
Never expected, love is forming
I never thought this to happen
I fell in love with you in a sudden.

Being with you is an ecstasy
Extreme happiness like fantasy.
Whenever you’re not around
Darkness is what I’ve found.

You’re awesome smile
You’re sparkling eye,
Makes me feel so high
Answers my question, why?

Why did I fell in love?
With the man sent from above.
Maybe you are my destiny
The one who will truly love me.

God picked you up from all the rest
Because He knows, I love you best.
My heart was given from me to you
So please care for it like what I do.

This confusing equation of love
Remains a question I have.
How will I solve this insanity?
If only a glimpse from you can drive me crazy.

And this is the story of my first love.
My dear Sparkle I want to have.
In loving you, I will be true
As I fall in love….In love with you.

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Category: Love Poems
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