My First Love

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There is not a day that
passes by that i do not
think of you…of us…
with all my heart and soul
i hope you are mine forever

as when you are near
i feel safe, loved and
have the ability to cease
what i wish for most

but now…when you are away
i do nothing but
long for your presence
as it is you i often miss
as a tear flows down my cheek

as i hold on to what we had,
what we still have,
i hope you will too
and if it is meant to be that
you will meet another soul
as lovely as thee,i wish you well
but i ask you this..
give me one last chance
to win the battle of your heart

as mine no longer belongs to me
but to you
as you were my first love
and i hope for you to be
my last.

This post was submitted by janine.

Category: Love Poems
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