My Funeral

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at my funeral
where i was layed to rest
my attire was smashing
i wore the best
i wish i could have seen me
as i went beneath the earth
but time went by so quickly
didn’t treasure my life’s worth
i saw their faces
filled with pain and sorrow
if i could turn back the hands of time
i would start back few years back tomorrow
but its too late
i cant change my destiny
my only regret
i left behind my family
my son he cried, my daughter she did the same
i only ask one thing of them,
never forget my name
i didn’t have a lot to offer
but my love and respect
i tried my best to show them
be truthful in every aspect
i hope my death hasn’t gone in vain
i love you all,,, please remember my name.

This post was submitted by cedric mcleod.

Category: Funeral Poems
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