My Heart Wants You

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Roses Are Red.
Violets Are Blue.
I Know I Did Wrong,
But My Heart Wants You…

I Lay Awake At Night,
Broken And Sad.
Wishing One Day We,
Could Have Back What We Once Had…

I Know You’ve Given Me Chances,
More Than I Deserve. I’m Just Asking,
For One More To Prove My Love.
I’ll Be There For You When,
Push Comes To Shove…

Baby Please Forgive Me,
I Will Mend Your Heart.
I Will Be Loyal To You,
And I Will Not Hurt You…

Now You Know How I Feel,
I Will Do My All To Make This Real.
Hopefully At The End,
You Will Be My Girlfriend…

Because, Roses Are Red,
And Violets Are Blue.
I Know I’ve Done Wrong,
But My Heart Wants You…

This post was submitted by NaTeTeHGrEaT.

Category: Love Poems
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