My Invisible Man

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Dear Invisible Man,
I wanted you to know
All of the memories of me and you
Go to show
That’s all you are is just a memory
You became a part of the past
Disappearing, like a vanishing act

Invisible Man,
I needed you to be that guy
Who stands by my side
The lonely nights
When i started to cry

You left me feeling like someone punched me in the stomach
And I’m just standing there,
For you to hear me

Invisible Man!
Why cant you understand!
The way i feel
How my heart aches when you come near

Just let me be.
Just let me heal,
from all the pain
Now nothing will ever be the same.

The most suffering i could withstand,
What you brought upon me,
My Invisible Man.

This post was submitted by Olivia.

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