My Jesus

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The sight that I see, is beyond no compare,
When I lifted my eyes, I saw one man
This one man looked at me as if he knew me
But I did not know him
Un till he stepped in front of the Sun
This one man said to me with Fatherly pride
“Well done my Son, you have made me proud.”
When the first word was out of his mouth
I knew who this man was
This man was my Jesus,
when my Jesus was finished speaking he hugged me
During this embrace
I realized why my Jesus let people have a choice,
I realized why my Jesus had to die, and
I realized why I had to die;
during that embrace was the last time I cried.
When my Jesus was finished embracing me, he said to me
“Go now and see all that has been waiting for you!”
While he was speaking the Gates of Heaven opened up in front of me……..

This post was submitted by Kaitlin Pendleton.

Category: Christian Poems
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