My Love

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My Love for you is so real,
Its just too bad you don know how I feel.
Sometimes I feel like we belong together,
I’ll even be with you through horrible weather.
I’m in love with you, as you can see,
But I have one question?
Do you love me!?
Your my one and only and there is nothing wrong with that,
So please don’t use me over and over like a doormat.
When I’m in your arms the whole world stops,
And every time I see you I feel my heart drop.
When I’m away from you I just cant take it,
So when we get together your lap is where I sit.
Its so sad how you want a girl just for pleasure,
When you got a girl right in front of you worth more than treasure.
I might not give you pleasure but I can sure give you love,
Funny, Crazy, Gorgeous, honey! I’m all the above!
You always make me laugh and you always make me smile,
For you, ill run a distance maybe even a mile.
Some days I wanna kill you and some days I wanna marry you,
But that doesn’t matter cause “My Love” will NEVER end for you!

This post was submitted by Maranda Hunter.

Category: Love Poems
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