My Mistake

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I can’t say i didn’t see it
I tried to pretend
Tried to hide
But i let my heart be my guide
Wrong move
I can say on my part
I should have stopped it from the very start
Now i sit here ready to part
Yea i finally said it
Wish i could say i feel better
But i can’t
What can i say?
This is where i stand
I can’t do this anymore
You’re suppose to be my man
We barely speak
Saying hello is our biggest peak
Our goodbyes are quick kisses
And short glances
I guess it’s good….
Under the circumstances
The crazy part is…..
I gave you me and learned to love you
I realize now,
I didn’t have to
I don’t want to
I have a choice
A choice to be happy
Yea I know we’re married
We all make mistakes
And this was one I made!!

This post was submitted by misskriss.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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