My Own Mystery

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Learn to read sorrow, And learn to read pain
Learn your friends true feelings, Learn yours
Learn to breath once again, learn to feel alive
Learn to live after you have died, learn to die and yet still be alive
Learn to love, but not to hate.

Learn yourself, Learn your mind
Learn again and again, Yet you never gain knowledge
I don’t know why, that mystery is not yet known

But as time advances, we must know… After birth, After death, We are still loved
Do not lose..anything…ever

Why must we live,
Why must we die,
Why must we learn about loss,I have yet to know

Why heaven, Why hell
Make our earth suffer

Surrounded my grave may be in roses
And yet in still not beautiful,
I’m still not happy,

I still don’t have the pretty blue eyes.
You see that i own.

This post was submitted by Ephelia.G.

Category: Life Poems
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