My Precious

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In the days when I felt really lonely and in fear,
I would sit in my room, looking out my window, to see my star so near.

In the total darkness, she would shine into my room,
filling my heart with the warmth and love that would cause even flowers to bloom.

Tears would immediately start rolling down my eyes,
for if it wasn’t for my star, I would have given up all my tries.

The presence of my star helps in erasing all my fears,
and I just pray that she will always be with me for everlasting years.

Not everyone might be as lucky as me for having a star as valuable as mine,
so I pray to God everyday to keep her safe and happy and to make sure that she is fine.

This star is so precious, she needed a name everyone could hear,
I named a star after you,
I called it my star, my angel, my Abeer.

This post was submitted by Bushra.

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