My school life……….

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Once upon a time
a story of mine
i got ready for school
finding ways to make lame excuse
crying,yelling,nervous and frightened
teacher’s scolding made me threatened
sitting with others all around
wanted to go home but i was
days passed ,months passed,years passed fastly
i grew in the lap of dis school initially
full of dreams,desires and
teachers of dis school made
my inspiration
from nursery to 12 the studied here
departing from school is something ,i can’t bear
this school has made me
stand on my own
to earn my livings,follow the
path they have shown
the school where i was all alone
gradually became my second home
friends .classrooms and all
pranks played
studied for long hours in
the lamp shade
all those fights,all that fun
are gonna be sweet memories in the long run
every moment enjoyed
whether god or bad
leaving dis school makes all
us sad
may dis institution progress day and night
wish for its success and shall reach new heights
although school journey is
going to be an end
but gonna relish the
memorable time we have
leaving this school very sadly
but student of ‘SACRED HEART CONVENT SCHOOL’ can say very proudly…………..

This post was submitted by nitika verma.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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