My sister

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Things are so scary because they’re uncertain,
I wish my sister, would just stop hurting.

She has a disease, that seems to be winning,
Her head is so cloudy,
And her faith keeps thinning.

It’s hard to watch her eat,
Without using her hands,
And watching the doctors empty,
Those ensure cans.

She is depressed,
Deep down very sad,
Daily focusing,
On the past,

To when we lost, what most people still have.

We were really young,
It happened, several years ago
It was really hard being forced,
To let our mother go.

She thinks she could’ve saved her,
There’s no way she could of,
But now she feels guilty
Thinking she should’ve

Her disease was passed on,
Passed on to my sister
Now it’s got her trapped,
Like Dorothy in the twister.

She’s stuck in the cyclone,
Watching everything fly by
As we’re all watching her,
Pondering why?

Why does she do this?
Why can’t she stop?
Why can’t she see the beauty?
Given to her by God?

She is my twin
She is my sister
But he’s so caught up in that twister,
What if she leaves, all we could do is miss her.

I hope one day,
That she will wake up,
Eat breakfast,
And not want to throw up.

She’ll realize she’s beautiful,
And she’ll realize she’s strong,
She’ll realize she’s perfect
And there was never anything wrong.

This post was submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

Category: Sister Poems
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10 Responses

  • Mecca says:

    Wow this poem is beautiful! I really like this.

  • jess says:

    That is beautiful..

  • ashcatherine says:

    I hope that didn’t really happen to you.. It’d be so hard. I’m sorry.

    Very beautiful though.

  • arieL says:

    wow ; i’m speechLess ;
    this is very deep and ahmazing ; it’s beautifuL and beyond words..
    wishing and praying for the best .

  • Jenny says:

    Yeah.. It’s moving. I love it. And, yeah, I hope this hasn’t happened to you, it’s so sad, but if it did, I love how you put your feelings into a poem, and did something with it. But if your sister is ill, I hope she gets better. xx

  • Alisha says:

    Man, I hope that this terrible thing didn’t happen to you. Such a poem that really touches your heart, You should be a poet when you grow up.:)

  • Kaylee Lenners says:

    My name is Kaylee Lenners and i wrote this poem. Thank you to everyone that commented and read this poem it means alot to me. But yes, this really did happen to my sister, she is my twin.

  • Denise says:

    I just want to say that this is beautiful and is everything that I’m feeling for my sister. Although we haven’t lost our mom but we are slowly loosing my sister. I hope your sister is in recovery and doing well and if you have any advise on how and what you have done to stay strong and support her it would be great help.

  • Kaylee Lenners says:

    Thank u so much for reading this , but im sad to say yes it did happen

  • kaylee lenners says:

    Hey, I’m really happy to hear you haven’t lost your mom yet, I did when I was seven and you actually have her name lol. You just have to make sure that your sister knows that you love her even through all the stress she puts you through. You can’t beat around the bush, you have to be real with her and treat her like a real person she will appreciate it. If your don’t mind me asking, what is wrong with her?



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