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Old lady,a bent body
Back times nurses a baby;
Walks with her stick
Loath of flesh for look.

Picks a baby in hand
Bone and blood to mend;
Baby moved with a smiley
Later she called her “Nani”.

Baby had kisses with a wrinkle face
None was she,the baby was “Me”;
By nurturing baby she forms the body
I played with Monkey nor with a Teddy.

With slow and stead,she makes me stand
She was only to hold my hand;
She loves me fully
Now NANI is my deity.

My poem is a call
Come look I am tall;
Still love to kiss you
How to say I miss you?

You are one in a many
In love eyes are teary;
My heart,soul cries
Sleeping lap misses high.

You cared needy baby
You made breathe freely;
My words are unsaid
Need not to be unsaid.

O!GOD give back my days
to once look my nurse;
O! blessed her in all ways
Hear my plea in your palace.

‘NANI’ still more to lists you
But how to say I MISS YOU……?

This post was submitted by ADITI SHARMA.

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