My Weeping Eyes

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To the world im coping,
but in my heart i weep,
sometimes i awake and your not there,
even tho your probably very near,
i love you as much as you love me ,
even deeper than the deepest sea,
i know your up there smiling,
but for me the sadness is pulling,
sometimes i think of you in silent prayer,
as i write this on the paper lays a tear,
each day i miss you more and more,
i miss the laughter and tear we shared,
shouting at each other with no care,
even tho we fraught sometimes,
your memories will always shine,
but when tomorrow starts without you,
and you are not there to see,
i will remember that the angels took you by your hand ,
and whispered your name, but as the years go on
i there will always be so many tears,
i love you dearly
you know that clearly.

This post was submitted by Ciara Mcdonald.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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