My Wounds

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whoever said ”time heals all wounds
must not know,what im going through
If he did then he’d know,that the wound gets bigger
itz like her mouth had the amo but her heart pulled the trigger
now i sit here sad & all,
& you don’t even think to call,
you totally forgot me,
it’s like you saved me & then you shot me
but i love the pain ,got your picture in a frame
we were never friends , until i got to know her
she was a ride or die chick , like a lovely chauffer
emotions turned at the light ,without a simple warning
now my heart tremble light,softly every mornin
i taunt myself with ya pic’s ya facebook
i must resist ,im addicted,to your vibin look
and then you begin sayin how you felt someone else
im sittin here torn up like what tha hell
and now you call me sayin how much you really love me
im like its to late, im gone,”our love is blind”see
its obivious that her and me werent meant to be
im want to give her another try but only mentally
And if our love go away then i must lead
im shot up, star struck,but you arent even famous
she got that killa smile why you bein heinous
i open up to this girl then my mind get raded
my realationship wit her is khalifa faded
my heart’s been shattered glass only shards remainin

This post was submitted by jayy.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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