Next Chance

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You have to leave room for disappointment
& at the same time leave room so that you could grow
So when the time comes to let go & move on
You would always be the first to know

There isn’t such a thing as being perfect
We’re humans that are prone to make mistakes
Its just that we can’t stay like that forever
Gotta move on,no matter what it takes

Your worst fear shouldn’t be falling
but being incapable of getting up
Motivation should be the key process
Don’t let anything ever be too much

They’ll try to sway you with their deceptions
Try to fill you with nothing but their lies
& when they say your life has no meaning
Don’t believe,just take a look with your own two eyes

So don’t you ever smother your emotions
Because a situation didn’t play out as you want
Opportunities unfolds there self daily
Its life,just gotta be ready for your next chance.

This post was submitted by Kent.

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