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I dreamed of a place I have never been
Ground was covered by the grass so green
Sky was painted bluer than blue
It was all different and made me feel brand new.

Its beauty I can’t compare
Everything in it seemed so fair
This was all I have waited for
A place that is worth to explore.

I’ve seen red roses with its color so deep
What a lovely flower for me to keep
But roses in my palm, I fell it down
Drops of blood dropped on the ground.

I thought that dream was hard to escape
In my deep sleep felt like I’m not gonna wake
Playful mind any dream you can create
Beware because dreams are hard to break.

That dream is like for real
Maybe it is connected to what I feel
Because in real life, I can’t deny the pain inside
The scar you have made, forever I cannot hide.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

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