“Oh, Daughter…”

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“Oh Daughter!”
Listen,my daughter
with all your heart,
lest you will come to poverty

Wisdom is a tree of life
to the few who embrace her
And knowledge-a life giving breathe to those who listen.
Be contented and satisfied
with what you have Daughter.
Dont be like the dust which blows
but with no destination.

My daughter,
when you see them playing let them play
For when you cry
they wont be crying,
Crocodile tears they may shade even if their hearts aren’t moved.
They may come every season yet to love you for a reason,
For a while-desciples they are
but tommorrow Judas may stand,
so put in them little or no trust for true friendship hardly exist.

Yes,to love you may deserve,
but do they?-oh Daughter!

Man lie till you lay on your back
And then … away they flee.
Never say yes when not sure
Or no because mother wish so,
dont say yes because father says so.
Be strong hearted my daughter.
Many are clever but not wise
so be wise,oh Daughter,
Some are wise and not intelligent
Yet knowledge is light
when the mind is bright

Do not desire to have anything, but pray for everything
Love not money
for it is not salvation
Fear God-the source of salvation
that you may live even after life!

“Deeds not words!”,my daughter!

This post was submitted by Hastings Tengende.

Category: Daughter Poems
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