One Day…

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One day, you’ll want silence,
but there will be harsh violence.
One day, you’ll want peace,
there will be no one to cease.
One day, you’ll cry loudly,
and there won’t be any shoulder to wipe your tears gently.
One day, you’ll be wanting to smile,
and you’ll have to walk miles.
One day, you’ll want a hug,
and there will be no one to give you a warm coffee cup.
One day, you’ll want LOVE,
but that would be too tough.
One day, you’ll be really mean,
that you never had seen,
One day, when you’ll want me,
One day, you’ll want to see me,
One day, for me you’ll sing a song,
and I will be GONE!!!!

This post was submitted by komal gupta.

Category: Break Up Poems
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