“One Look,Two Green Eyes”

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I’ll always remember that day
I’ll always remember that look
when i wished so much i could say
but nothing can describe you not even a book

I felt something strange when i looked into your green eyes
What i can say is that i was up in the sky
what i can tell is that you made me fly

I couldn’t let go,I had to hold on tight
’cause i felt something deeper that night
something i don’t know,i just felt right

you’re so beautiful,so much as a star
and that day on my heart you left a scar

you looked at me but as you can see
that look brings me down on my knees
but i wish i can go to sleep
’cause i’m not sure if that was for real
it just felt like i was in a dream
when i felt that thing that i’ll always feel

i’ll never forget the place
’cause i’ll always remember your face
’cause you’ve reached deep’deep down my soul
and that,i’ll always remember.that, i’ll always recall.

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Category: Love Poems
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