One Love

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Is there only one person for me?
The one that only i can see?
Is he the key to my heart?
Or just a guy playing a part

He’s my first love, but my only one
Is there only one love?
Are we meant for just one?
Why am I the only one, that asks?

Some days, it just seems to matter to me
To him, I never seem to know
He only shows it ever so often
But sometimes i need to know how truly he feels

To me, I feel like we’ve known each other forever
Is that why it feels like we’re far apart?
Not physically or emotionally but mentally
I need to know is he my only one.

You tell me you love me, but you never show it
Hugs and little kisses is all i see
Not someone who wants to spend eternity with me.
Are you my only one? Soon we will find out

Now my answer to only one love is not done
It still needs to be figured out
But sooner or later i know in my heart that one day
My one and only one love will appear to me

This post was submitted by Laura Tuttle.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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