Our Love

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I want to follow you in the rain with the sky as my coat,
I want to sail behind you in the sea with the wind as my boat,
I want to hide with you in the trees with the sun as my cloak.

I want to stay with you tonight with the moon as my light,
I will be with you forever even if the world is right,
I will find wherever you go with the mother earth as my sight.

And again when i say that you are my friend,
I know one thing that our love will never meet its end,
Cos its not a fashion that will go out of trend.

When people stare at us when we fight on the phone,
We cry our hearts out cos it beats its not a stone,
And never feel that i will leave you cos you will never be alone.

And when my time is up dont worry about me,
Because even inside my closed eyes it will be you whom i will see,
Do not feel that you will be alone after that,
Just imagine those lovely stones between which we sat.

Every thing that has a beginning has an end,
But to God our love will offend.

This post was submitted by Parth Sable .

Category: Love Poems
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