Out of the Blue

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Misty place where i got
But I continued walking alone,
with boldness and strength within.
Fear,scared,trauma and loneliness
Enveloped me so much;
I struggled with my two barefoot,
On the Mud-rocky-sticky path walk.

Destination couldn’t search with my naked eyes,
So cold lonely-teary place.
I heard far away voices,shouting,enjoying,
I follow that voices but my body resists-
Resists in a sense of having weaker side.
Pulled me so much to stayed and faced,
Things that entangled my being.

Only my senses were my hope for,
To escape from the cloudy-misty-muddy place.
In the middle of my walk, I saw a sun struggling
To gave me sunlight on my path.
I followed that light from heaven, that was the source
To give me a bliss, in spite of little focus.
Heart’s shouting within for the light.

Light..Light..Light.. where are you?
I was pale in me. I was weak.
Splashed every water from the mud, seems to get purpose;
Little things irritates within.
Suddenly out of the blue, Rain comes.
Every water drops on my muddy skin, helps
My mind comes clearer.

Surroundings made clear, Trees become greener,
Path walk filled with footsteps that carries me so delight.
Voices hear so uncomplicated.
Visible terminus occurs.
Pale turned into Brown;
Weak turned into Strength.
The misty place turns out winsome niche.

This post was submitted by markdolorosa.

Category: Hope Poems
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