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True Love

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Love in life is a dream come true,
Lots of joy and happiness too.
Very few people can feel the wind of love,
And the feeling, I trust, is heavenly and above.

True love is like an endless sky,
Like millions of stars up so high.
True love in the world is for everyone,
Be it wife, mother and also son.

True love in life can overcome any odd,
But only if we have faith in it.
Because it is the precious gift of God,
Like in our dark lives a candle lit.

May lord our lives with true love bless,
And save us from the world’s dirty mess.

This post was submitted by Dinesh.F.K.

Only You

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Here i am…
today all by myself
Never would I have thought
i could care so deep about someone else

Wishing we had more more time,
maybe it could have worked out

Was this meant to be..?
I would not know,but for some reason I still do believe that we,
you and me,were meant to be…

Tears are running from my eyes,
just wishing that you were here, here with me

Missing you like crazy
Hoping one day we will meet again

This is for you and only you…(R).

This post was submitted by Charlene.


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Forget my name,
Forget my face,
Forget my kiss
And warm embrace.
Forget the time we spent together,
Remember now I’m gone forever!

This post was submitted by Tiffany Call.


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He was the reason
for my tears and happiness
he left me sad with anger and madness
i don’t understand why he left me this way
he once loved me and told me he was here to stay
good times are over and i’m alone now
it want be until the check my chest, find it empty and see how
i hate him so
so heartless i am
he broke my heart
but to get away with it lie be dam!

This post was submitted by Mary.


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Being alone it’s not mean that your bad person or friend.
It’s a coincident that you need to be alone…
To think about the things you need to understand.
And to realize that the things we’ve done is right.
For a while, we need to accept that there are no people in this world…are ALONE….

This post was submitted by sharmaine.

Broken hearted

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U told me we had something special
But we never did. 
Wot we had wasn’t even real. 
Its wot evry1 else feels.

U fort4 me once, u couldn’t do it again
That just shows how much u loved me
I loved u so much to kip fighting
U couldn’t fight 4me til d very end

I would have done anything for you
Just to kip u smiling
But now its seems 2 me
That u don’t want me to make u happy

We could have been so good to give
We could made it work
But instead of holding on
U decided to let go of us.

This post was submitted by SafB.

I Got Attached

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Longing for the home of your arms.
The secrets of your smile, your warming charms.
And I sit here a while…..

Heart sick with emotion, holding inside.
The weight of disappointment, I can not hide.

A teenage affection for you confuses my soul.
In a rush to hurry up because I knew you would go.

Feeling kinda foolish and premature.
Was too eager in offering my heart; scarred and unsure.

Such a joy to fly, my spirit of fire-
soaking luxuriously in your wavy bathwater.

Damning independence…to you, I wished to be tied.
Demanding your attention…and time, a weak supply.

Over an ocean of moments, I desired to see
what it would be like to have you yearning for me.

Pining for more than your friendship,
I hesitated to realize the pools of regret behind your eyes.

So I kept my lips sealed and wrote a poem you wouldn’t see,
to shadow the fascination, my pathetic admiration…
my hunger…my desire…my aching sigh for thee.

This post was submitted by Jolene.

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