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You look but never see,
You listen but hear nothing
You watch the sunrise,
only to find it’s in black and white.
You say this and that.
But it never comes back
You want to change,
but you’re scared of what you’ll become.
You want to love,
but you’re fear replaces the love you once had.

No more lying,
No more hiding,
Cowardice takes flight,
While you become a man
You are “You” now.
As you watch the sunrise,
You realize for the first time how beautiful
The colors of the rainbow are.

This post was submitted by Jennie Sides.

The Girl That loved me not

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I always loved you from the start
i could never bear to be apart
all the memories we had all the things we said
but now those feelings are gone and now those times are dead
you were the one for me i thought
until you told me you loved me not
i slowly watched you walk away
i sat there left in disaray
but you will always have that number one spot
of the girl i loved that loved me not
we grew up together the best of buds
laughing and crying giving hugs
im sorry i cant be good enough for you
you ve moved on, for some one new
i will always love u so dont forget
that young Mexican boy with no regrets
we had our times, they didnt last
too bad we grew up way too fast
so now i try to say good bye
to the one that cant be mine
to the girl i never got
to the girl that loved me not….

This post was submitted by smip.

The Power of Love

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If you feel stuck with your life
With your dreams and passion
If you feel being held by something
Strange thing you can’t explain

Just relax and think again
God is always with you
And He will not leave you
Nor even forsake you

He will make a way
Whether it seems no way
He knows everything you need
Even before you ask of it

It’s really hard to understand
The power of his mighty hand
As a sinner, He’s using me
To lend you a helping hand

The only thing I know
And what i really understand
His grace should abound
To lessen your load at hand

And knowing how much i love you
That’s why we met again
So i could share a thing
Until He call my name

This post was submitted by joel t espedido.


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A moment in time is a precious thing
Let out your feelings and let your heart sing.
Let our two souls be joined together
Let me shelter you from the stormy weather.
Lets take this journey down life’s road
And lets stand together no matter the load.
When people look at us they should see
A most perfect couple you and me.
When I look into your eyes my soul I see
It’s yearning for you to be with me.
That first step your afraid to take
But don’t let a missed chance lead to heartbreak
Do you think it an accident or fate that we met?
Do you think it that easy for us to forget?
No. Fate has been spiraling around us every day
Trying to shine on us its light to show us the way.
This thing we call fate we should not ignore
We need to open our hearts not close the door.
We need to be together and to never stray
Give each other our love every single day.
And when we grow old we can look back on this
While we realize that fate brought us together
And our love we did not miss.

This post was submitted by Jerry Duchene.


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I feel so sad…

I have to say goodbye to one of the most important part of my life…

A part of me that no one ever knew…

A part of me that’s so unconditional…

A part of me that was never confirmed nor denied…

A part of me that will remain special forever…

But then again…

I’m giving it up…

Because it hurts…

Because it wasn’t right…

Because it was never mine…

Because i have to…

I’m saying goodbye now…

This post was submitted by Cecile Rubio-Pabustan.

More Than

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Seems they all to be dazzle
A heart taking smile
Cool menthol breath
Warming breathless eyes
They all are captivated

I may say one of thee
But different for what I may seem
I adore the humane part of him
The selfish part for his possessions
And of course the childish request

Every bit is a treasure
I won’t ask for a new tomorrow
Just let me share every moment of time
Let me say good morning every morning breath
Let me keep you warm every unfaithful spell

For you I will
Through the darkest hours
He will till there be
Because I love him not what the eye can seek
But what is there in him.

This post was submitted by jette.


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It gently falls down
Then time will come
That it will be gone

Like the tears flowing in my eyes
It gently falls
It gently goes

The rain creates worries
Like my heart full of fears

My heart is full of pains
Like the weather when it rains

It gently falls
It gently goes….

This post was submitted by Aurora Bunagan.

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