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Days Go By

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And the days go by and I still remember.
Your soft kiss you used to give me,
And the days go by.
I just wish I had one more night to lye and hold you.
And as the days go by,
I still think of you,
The way you used to hold me in your strong arms.
But the days go by.
And your still just a memory.

This post was submitted by lexi.


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The pain is in all places
like a disease that won’t stop spreading
It’s in all the faces
that pass by without knowing my dreading

They say nothing can be un-fixable,
obviously they don’t know…
broken hearts are un-heal able
like a broken light that will never glow

There is no cure for this
It is unmistakable
In life it’s hard to miss
being this breakable.

This post was submitted by Kimberly Ann.

Trust Hurts

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Trusting others may seem real small.

until they push you and make you fall.

While you’re down they’ll kick you around.

they dig a hole and throw you in.

Trusting them you let them win.

The pain they cause comes within.

believing their words and every move

is something that you shouldn’t do.

trust is something that is eared and

something that can be returned.

With one lie there are more to come

are you willing to be that dumb?

Remember the times you cried alone

wishing for the shooting star to come…

give it time and you will know the one you can love

and one you can hold.

protect yourself

hang on tight

don’t give up its worth the fight..

This post was submitted by Kelsey Patrick.

Cant Let Go

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I tried to fixed it up,
i thought i can make it up,
i set aside my pride, my dignity
what i did is love you even more.
i thought we’re alright.

i let you run my world,
and now im in trouble with you,
how fool i am, i messed up,
did i let this things happen.?
ohh im in pain.

i stuck with this pain inside me,
i cant let go, i cant forget you,
im afraid to close my eyes coz
i might see you.
i still love you even you dont anymore.

i hate you, i hate you coz
even i mean it i still
love you.. i love you
cant let go..!!

This post was submitted by elaika.

Why don’t you give me a chance

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Why don’t you give me a chance,
Maybe you could ask me to dance.
I’d do anything for you,
Maybe be your girlfriend for a day or two.
You might actually find me pretty,
Even if I am not that witty.
You’d have a hand to hold,
A heart you’d keep away from the cold.
I’d be your shoulder to cry on,
Somebody you could really rely on.
Two hearts you could bind,
Our lives forever intertwined.

This post was submitted by Hannah.

There For Me

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I thought you would be there for me.
There to hold my hand.
I made u my everything.
I made u my best friend.
but now your gone.
I’ve got nothing but an empty hand.

This post was submitted by bronte.

Little Girl

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The girl was sitting there,
All alone.
With no one to hold.
She cries for reasons she cannot explain.
She can’t tell anyone.
Without changing her fate.
I want to help her.
But she wont let me in.
She wont break down that wall for me to get in.
Little girl. Little girl.
I want to save you.
She opens the door..
And what I see, Is, Me.

This post was submitted by Audre.

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