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I Just Wanted To Say

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I Just Wanted To Say I’m Sorry
For The Things I’ve Said
All The Things I’ve Done
I Didn’t Want This
To Hurt You
But I Did
I Just Wanted You
But I Lost That
And So Did You
I Never Wanted This
To Hate You
But I Do
I Tell Myself Not To
But My Heart Said To
What Do I Do
Hate Me All You Want
It’s Not Hurting Me
It’s Hurting You
I Just Wanted To Say
I Lost My Best Friend
And That Was You
Let’s Fix This
How About Now
Or Maybe Later
I Just Wanted To Say
I Love You
So So Much
I Hope In The End
You’ll Forgive Me
For Me Will You
I Just Wanted To Say
One Last Time
I’m So Sorry.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

Your Child (Stop Child Abuse)

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No child deserves to be hurt
No child deserves to cry
To be hit, broken, or harmed
A child is meant to be loved
Treated with passion not hate
Abusing someone is wrong
Who would think it’s right
Someone who’s cold hearted
And doesn’t think straight
Don’t put your hands on a child
They did nothing wrong
They provided loved
You provided hate
Hug your child
Don’t punch them
Kiss your child
Don’t smack them
This is your child
Treat them like one
Instead of a doll
That you just throw around
That you hit and beat
Like it’s fun and games
How would you like it
if you were treated like this
Just like your child
Who’s nothing but innocent
Your child doesn’t deserve this
Love is all it takes
Not a hit to the face
Or a kick in the side
No hair to be pulled
Or skin to be sliced
Your child deserves
to be put in a better place
And not with someone like you.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

I Love You

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Listen to what I have to say
I love you
Please say the same
I loved you
And only you
I love you
So please don’t go
Where are you going
Hey I’m talking to you
Don’t you here me calling
I’m calling out for you
I love you
Don’t you feel the same
I love you
And the memories we share
I love you baby
Your hair, your eyes
The feelings of your lips
The way you hold me tight
So why are you leaving
Please tell me why
I love you
Tell me baby
Do you to
Love me
As I love you.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

Love Poem

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I will hold you
above that high-water line
defined in scrap verse
until you learn to swim again

I will harbor you
outside myself as myself
until our tides learn to coincide

I will buoy you
with spirit twinned to one
until we learn to be yourselves

I will keep you
an arm’s length away
from this beach I am for you
until you learn to forward move

I will love you
as flesh of myself you are
until our ebb becomes our flow

I will hold you
above that high-water line
until we’ve learned to let us go.

This post was submitted by themanwiththegreenhat.

I Am Who I Am

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I might not be the most beautiful
But I have beauty in FULL
I might not be your first CHOICE
But I am a great CHOICE
I am ME
And that’s cool cos I am good at being MYSELF and ME
I don’t care anything you say about ME
It’s just that,you are not as good as I AM
To everyone out there,
There is a better way of looking at your critics
Tell them you are not what they say
But you are who you are
Now say to yourself,
I’m the best ever
I’m a legend…….

This post was submitted by Anuoluwapo Solarin.

Forget You

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I hate u,yes i do
u forgot me,boo hoo
now u think i am crying
but what did i do
oh wait i forgot u and now i hate u
thank u for hurting me
like i care
i will shoot u if i dare
mess with me and i will mess with u
but when it comes down to it u now its true
i really really REALLY do hate u………
and yes its true.

This post was submitted by alleson.


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Love is endless                     
Love is bravery
love is blind
you can never understand it
so don’t even try
when you feel alone,
reach out your hand
greeted some loves you enough
to take your hand
love can hurt
love can be hard!
but love
makes us who we are
love like you’ll die tomorrow
then you live life with no regrets
because when your filled wit love
you’re also fill with content.

This post was submitted by Ashley.

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