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Thinking Of You

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I know its late and you’re asleep
But i need your voice to help me sleep
In the night i dream of you
And only in dreams wishes come true
You make me smile i fall asleep
And in the morning there you’ll be
You make me happy and that is all i need
To make my life a living dream .

This post was submitted by April.


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I took a chance on you
as you took a chance on me
never could one believe
what others failed to feel or see
when i talk to you
my heart pounds like its racing
i cant breathe,its so crazy
your voice so beautiful so amazing
to hold your hand in mines
to kiss your lips every now and then
until the end of times
baby you mean a lot to me
more than you will ever see
there is nothing i could ever do
to show exactly how much i love you.

This post was submitted by Alicia Caballero.

“Let Love Abound.”

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Let my light shine for all to see.
Let it glimmer brightly.
Hold it up on a high hill that overlooks the town.
It can be seen from miles around.

Open the eyes of the blind O’ Lord.
That they may see and follow your word.
Let your fountain flow for the soul in need.
Water and plant your sacred seed.

Let love abound from our hearts with care,
that people may flock from everywhere.
Needs are met, hearts are mended,
God’s people carefully tended.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

Goodbye for now..

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You know that saying ‘if you love someone let them go’?
And then you’ll see their true feelings show.
Well that’s what I’m planning to do
Because I feel that I honestly do love you.
But to know your true feelings towards me
This is how things are gonna have to be..
So I’m leaving you alone
As the words I want to speak are, for now, postponed.
This is gonna hurt me worse than it will for you
Because this is something I don’t wanna do..
And maybe if you prove to me you truly care,
I will remain to show that I will always be there.
So for now I have nothing more
Then my final words: ‘te amo mi amor’

This post was submitted by stephiee.

Day And Sunlight

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When the sun falls
It leaves a pink dust horizon
When the moon rises
The darkness falls
Little light shine in the sky
Every thing falls asleep
But not the ocean or the wind
They gust against each other
With no anger but love
A bigger light comes into sight
It is our moon
It shines over the water with perfect
Circle and leaves a path of sparkles
Its quiet no one speaks
Only wind whispers quietly
Now the sun rises with perfect
Pink line across the sky
And little breeze
The moon, ocean and the wind
Go to sleep
As we wake up
To go to work and school!

This post was submitted by Lesya Fillatti.


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You carried me the moment i was inside..
the bulging of your tummy now cant hide
your life was turn upside down
yet no one makes you down

your love is so unconditional
you wash me when i was a little kid
love to kiss my toes and tuck me to bed
then i have grown,still you you’re there
that no one did..

i love you,Mama
is all i can say
a longer years of existence i pray,
so can give back the undying love you gave me.

This post was submitted by rolenie abiera.

You were once my friend

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I lost so many friends and gained a few

But there’s one that I’ll never forget

That person was like family to me a real true friend

Till one day that person betrayed me

Its hard to believe someone so close to me

would ever want to do something like this

I trusted that person with everything

I was willing to die next to their side till the very end

Didn’t matter how bad life would get

that person was there through thick and thin

Yet somehow I was just used and betrayed

It still blows my mind that someone you call a real friend

someone you would consider family would do something like this

There really is no one to trust with your life

You can try and say you got my back

But its people like you i got to watch myself out for

Unless I want to be back stabbed and played the fool

I got a few close friends I can tell things

But not everything

I’ll never really trust anyone to the full extent

I’ll keep building walls as you keep trying to break them down

I’ll feed you lies making you think

That you and me have something special that we only share

Don’t really want to hear what you have to say

Don’t really care if you decided to leave today

I’m used to people walking out on me when I needed them the most

I”m used to hearing people say how their true and will always be there

When I need you the most somehow you disappear nowhere to be found

One thing I learned is the things I do, I do it for me

Not to impress anyone anymore

But to really satisfy my needs

Its sad that you were once my friend Now I don’t even know the person you are today

This post was submitted by Lupe.

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