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Regret Tastes

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Regret tastes of ash, and it breaks my heart of stone.
Too long with your photo I have sat here all alone.

Wishing brings the heart ache, it brings the memories.
Night time brings the sorrow, and slumber brings the dreams.

In my dreams I am happy, for there you’re in love with me.
But with the morning comes the truth, and with the truth comes misery.

The tears bring regret, and the cycle starts anew.
For regret tastes of ash, as my stone heart breaks for you.

This post was submitted by Reece Prothero.

Oh Mosquito

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Oh mosquito come have your delight,
Take away the peace of this silent night,
For in this silence with his memories I reunite,
A union that shall never again see daylight.

Come fill my ears with your loud buzz,
So I may forget his musical voice,
And expunge those unfulfilled promises,
Forever from my conscious.

Tire me out completely,
Till my eyelids close effortlessly,
So much that I sleep without a dream,
And wake up without any knowledge of him.

This post was submitted by Nusratt.


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As life goes on,
Day by day,
You learn not to care,

The ones you loved,
The ones you trusted,
Betray you.
You learn not to care.

They get your hopes up,
Then let you down,
And once again you learn not to care.

You never see it coming,
Like a bullet through your hear.

As life goes on,
You’ll learn to care,
You’ll learn to love,
You’ll learn to live.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne vankeuren .

Your Love Was A Lie

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When you said “i love you”,
you were only trying to be nice,
but it was all lies,
my fate was never decided,
like the roll of dice,
now my heart only cries,
which only drops tears of ice,
i was always wise,
even when saying a foul,
i thought twice,
bcoz i never wanted to break my ties.
i keep wishing i get out of this nightmare,
bcoz its not fair,
you always leave me in the middle of nowhere,
and still i think of your welfare,
bcoz for you only i care.
i hope you are happy,
bcoz im giving it my all,
acting like i never care,
i sold my soul.

This post was submitted by waleed hashem.

Remember Me

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I pray that one lucky day,
You’ll think back in some way,
About those days you really cared,
And the love we once shared,
How we promised to stay together,
No matter the weather,
How i used to drive you crazy,
And the lovely way you called me baby,
How you said my name,
And set my soul aflame,
How romantically i held your hand,
And rocked you like a star quest band,
How you called me your life,
And vowed to be my wife,
How eager you craved for my tender touch,
And how you missed me so much,
But i never for once new,
Even with the boldest clue,
That you who served me so much bliss,
Would ever desert me like this,
You pledged never to leave,
Saying to my bosoms you’ll forever cleave,
You so pledged to stick to me like glue,
But your stories were lies – not true,
Now i am soaked in my rue,
Like a beef in a stew,
My heart can barely beat,
Without you around i can scarcely eat,
Just like a desert eagle gun shot,
It hurts so bad a lot,
And if my ruined life was for rent,
It would cost no more than a cent,
For i feel like am already dying,
Because over you i can’t not stop crying,
So now my heart can no longer trust,
For a long while it will stay still and rust.

This post was submitted by Mikuz.

It’s You

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It’s you
that has changed everything in my life
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that made me feel right
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that made my day
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that i miss everyday
can’t you see that ?
it’s you
that is still in my heart
can’t you see that ?

This post was submitted by me.


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When you asked me
I shouldn’t have said yes

It went downhill from there
I shouldn’t have listened to people
I should have heard myself

You said those words to me
We should break up

It was easy liking you
But it’s hard forgetting you

Its time for me to move on
You asked another girl

I lost you as a friend
I wish that with time it can mend

Just let me say
I made the mistake.

This post was submitted by tori.

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