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Sitting alone and gazing up the ceiling….
Wondering is it u or just a feeling….
Days and nights pass by without an inkling…
Moments whizzing past within a winking…
Thoughts of u surrounds my entire being…
Oh! What is it that i am seeing…
Why is it that even when you are not with me…
Your presence is always felt beside me….
Soothing, calming, caressing,caring……….

This post was submitted by Rati.

He told me…

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He told me he loved
he told me he cared
he told me i was the only one for him
he told me forever and always
he told me he would never lie to me
he told me he wouldn’t hurt me
he tole me he wouldn’t say goodbye

But he admitted that night he didn’t mean any of it…

This post was submitted by Kristen Sheppard.


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A cloud with a smile
The sun with a frown
A mountain full of hope
A life full of love
A dream with a sound
A pocket full of memories
A thought for your mind
The world is closing in
The clocks are running out of time.

This post was submitted by Anysah-Aleczaiya D..


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As Time Passed..
Hugs Got Rare,
Calls got Quieter,
Nights Got Lonely,
Fights Became Usual,
Kisses Became Shorter,
Hellos Got Distant,
Good-Bye Got Frequent.

This post was submitted by Jasmine.


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You expected someone perfect
While ur just a deadly wreck
I’ll never regret you
Cause at one point
You were all I ever needed
You Give the word love
A whole new meaning .

This post was submitted by Caitlyn.

Love Is Patient

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Love is patient, love is kind,
love will make you lose your mind.

When sometimes you dont know what for,
all is fair in love and war.

But in this case, it’s rare for sure,
someone loves you ever more.

This post was submitted by Hannah Atwell.

Confusion of Life

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I wonder why I haven’t seen all things that have never been?
And never ever will again see the things that stay the same.

Have you seen the rain at night? It blackens out the stars so bright.
And up above the clouds the moon is hidden by the dark and gloom.

If you should ponder on the score of why we are just one not more.
The answer is I’m sure you know. Are you sure that it is so?

If every puzzel has an answer and every answer hard to bear.
Then every question is a puzzel and every question one to share’

If all our thoughts were put in words, in flights of fancy as with birds,
would fly away to shores unseen to mingle with anothers dream.

I wonder why I haven’t heard all the sounds as in one word.
And all the words that have no sound will always remain underground.

If all our thoughts were put in dreams then allour dreams are lost in themes.
And all the themes have come to grief beyond all possible belief.

Thoughts and dreams and wishes too will only live because of you.

This post was submitted by Diana Fredriksson.

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