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“Holy Spirit Divine.”

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Holy Spirit Divine,
fill my bottle with this new wine.
You will lead me through trials that purify me, true.
My heart will come out as sparkling gold,
bless me, Lord, as I praise you.

Holy Spirit Divine,
guide these feet of mine.
Straight and narrow they go,
on a Heavenly path, I know.

Holy Spirit Divine,
God, you’re with me the whole time.
You guide me the whole way.
You’re only a prayer away.
Holy Spirit Divine.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

I Cry Out

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In the dead of the night.
When all is out of sight. . .
I cry out your name.
I cry out your name to see if you’d hear.
I cry out your name to see if you’re near.
I cry out your name because I am hurt.
My name my name, you will hear.
My name my name, you will hold dear.
My name my name, will keep you near.
Because my name my name is with you dear.
In your heart,
For there is why it had start.
In your heart,
Our love is c l e a r .

This post was submitted by Audre.

Right to break the heart?

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Why do we hurt the other’s hearts?
Why do we break the others hopes?
It’s just for fun, or thats the life?
Do we have right to cause a pain?
When outside is so much rain!
Just give the warm, forgive yourself
And love you friend like cool of rain
In sunny day, or moony night
Do we have right to hurt the hearts?
Do we have time in our lives to hurt, to cry?
Just smile and love, and feel beloved
Just call or write, then say good-bye
With hope to see your friend again
To share thoughts, to split that day
Of happiness and sorrow! HEY!!!………….
And then at night, when moon is white
Just think – if you have right
To hurt the heart, the other’s heart?

This post was submitted by D.J..

The feelings

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This is where i break.

The threads don’t hold no more.

Now i will surrender.

You are the winner of this war.

What is left behind

of all the years gone by?

Love just left our hearts.

I’m not sure when and why.

Even thought I tried,

I simply can’t recall

the feelings we both shared vanished

once and for all.

Nails down to bones

For clinging to our past.

I wouldn’t see the truth

but it found me at last.

It will not be long now,

soon we’ll fall apart.

The scares for all the pain

we’ll carry on our heart.

I must say I resent you

And you should know this well.

You choose to kill my love.

and sent it all to hell.

This post was submitted by sandra.

Everyday Feelings

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Everyday feelings of love and hate
Everyday pains I’d like to negate
I’m sick of this world trying to bring me down
I may be a fool but i am no clown

I think its time to remove my mask of stone
For beneath i am but flesh and bone
And start to walk among the free
For only then i will find the real me

So if you’re looking and i am not found
Just put an ear to the ground
For i may be close or i may be far
Or perhaps I’m that beautiful shining star.

This post was submitted by C.Young.


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I’ll be here to give my shoulder when you feel wanna cry,
I’ll be here to give my ear and my heart to hear ,
when you want share your feeling,
I’ll be here when you need me to make your calm,
I’ll always here for you my lover.
Because my Love for you never end
I always be with you forever,although we broke up already.

This post was submitted by Dolarois Samantha.

I’ll Never Go Too Far

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It makes me remember when
the time we use to spend
It always remind my heart
every time we were apart

You made me miss you so
And I got to let you know
whenever u cross my mind
there’s one thing I always do
and not the help of wine

When I miss you that much
and wish to feel your touch
I’ll never go too far
and be rushed to drive my car
I just have to look inside my heart
because it’s always the place where you are

It makes me feel we’re together
Through my heart I can hold you forever
You’re not too far but near
That took away my worries and fear.

This post was submitted by junpablo.

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