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16th Birthday

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I woke up to a day I didn’t expect,
To find my dad had already left.
I had to call him and tell him it was my birthday,
He said ‘thought it was Monday’.
I talked all day on the phone.
But in reality I felt alone.
All my life I’d wished and prayed to be
With dad on my birthday.
He said he’d be home at twelve.
I didn’t think he meant twelve at night,
And my birthday was gone.
Not a card, not a cake,
Just the feeling of being alone.
I guess wished sometimes don’t come true, But I’ll always remember
On that day I wasn’t with you . . .

This post was submitted by Candice - Louise Hearne.

Lonely Refrain

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In a sea shore shed there we sat and stay
Suddenly the song in the shore begin to play
Cold winds smoothly blow the waves
Rain sings then melodies were played

On that day I feel I’m talking to a princess
She let me speak first and there I express
Words of my heart spoken asking her to grant my wish
Silence with her answered, in her eyes I told her please

Her answer reflects what I saw and heard around
I’m just like the rain gently falling the ground
Wind and waves turned to a lonely sound
Sunset I wished to see on that day I never found

Her love is like the sunset I wish to see on that day
It never appear because she’s the one who wish the rain
She want me to understand and go with her ways
I nod with a smile just to hide the pain

I closed my eyes and vow my head
But she made me calm of cool things she said
Still pretty sadness wrapped around on that shed
Shadows of memories often appear when I’m in bed

Rainfalls make me remember all over again
Scene of memories in my heart still remain
Where songs on that shed in a lonely melodies end
And the echoes of that song every night refrain.

This post was submitted by junpablo.

My Heart Is In Need

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How many love songs I will wait to fade
Before you come to me and sing the song I made
That only your voice would not let me fail
To take me in the world of joyful tales

Seems your love is miles away from where I stand
A lonely nights of traveling is still yet to come
I’m hoping a peaceful ending will soon described the sun
For the sake to win your heart I’ll do the best I can

How could this dream of my heart appear
If the path I have to travel is not clear
For now I beginning of having this fear
That I might be fall in the world of despair

Time could tell they say sometimes
Answers can not be found on my doubtful mind
But my heart is in need this time
Please show me your love a little sign.

This post was submitted by junpablo.


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I’m lost
Lost in this world
I’m alone
Alone in this world

I’m a nobody
So no one looks for me
So I will not be found
I will always be lost

Will I ever be found?
Will I always be trapped?
Trapped in this life
Never to be found

I’m lost
Lost in this world
I’m alone
Alone in this world.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .


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Where is there anything so precious?
I have looked everywhere.
On land and in the sea
In the sky and underground

Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds
Crystals, topaz, and quartz
No matter how beautiful they can’t
Compare to the memories of family

Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle
Brother, Sister, Cousin
Grandmother, Grandfather
All members of a thing called Family

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
They are so good
They can go through logs
Even if they eat a lot of food

They are so loyal
They are faithful
You can’t wrap them in foil
They aren’t very careful

They run and jump
They sometimes run around
In the dirty dump
They hear so very far a sound

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
They are so good
They can go through logs
Even if they eat a lot of food.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .


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Nature, so beautiful, so mysterious
In nature we get in a lot of trouble Because we are so very curious
In nature we sometimes stumble and tumble
The very trees and bushes
Are full of wonder
The water in nature sometimes gushes
And we wonder if we grow even fonder
The animals are very bright
No matter what we think
I always see them in a different light
But never in pink

Nature, nature, so very beautiful
We sometimes forget to be extra careful.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

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