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True LOVE is…..

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Is a giver,
is a builder,
is taker,
is a breaker.

is faithfulness,
is restfulness,
is dutifulness,
is helpfulness.

is direction,
is satisfaction,
is devotion,
is revolution.

is beauty,
is sanity,
is ability,
is almighty.

is respecting,
is growing,
is honoring,
….in TRUE Life.

This post was submitted by Meagan Sherleen .

Today You Are….

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Today you’re a bird
but tomorrow you wiil be an eagle
today you’re a caterpillar
but tomorrow you will be a butterfly
today you’re a seed
but tomorrow you will be a tree
today you’re so small
but tomorrow you will grow tall.

This post was submitted by ryan poi amoin.


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I have a silly smile,
A silly laugh.
I giggle at everything
Because life’s to short to be anything but happy.
You can call me a goof,
You can call me silly,
But you’ll never be able to say I’m unhappy.

This post was submitted by Paige.

Happiness Is Like Butterfly

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Happiness is like butterfly
Beautiful but short lived,
You can’t hold it tight
Otherwise it would die.
To be happy
Neither diamond nor money
Can’t make you its achiever,
As light as feather,
Difficult to catch it,
The more easier to lose it,
Nobody knows its resident,
Its temper is vagrant.
Abruptly come with surprises,
Same way it goes and left demises,
It may stay for a second or for years
But can’t be with you forever.
Happiness is like butterfly
Beautiful but short lived.

This post was submitted by Anamika gupta.

Right By Your Side….

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I once was here but now I’m gone
I wasn’t here for very long.
You held me close as if you know.
That some day soon I wouldn’t be with you.
No one knows why god called me that day.
But in his arms I now must stay.
But I’m still here right by your side
and in my heart I feel your pride.

I miss you all everyday
but in this place I now must stay.
But don’t feel sad as I’m not far
I’m in the wind the sun and that shining star.
So mummy and Daddy please
don’t cry as I’m always here right by your side.
Always with you !

This post was submitted by Clare Page.

Be Yourself

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I`m different,
I`ve always been different!
Never fitting in,
Or having any friends.
They call me “The Nerd,”
But I`ve gotten used to it.
But, that don`t mean it doesn`t hurt.
I`m always the odd one out,
Cast aside in my times of need,
Not treated like a human-being!
Shunned, Picked on, and lonely,
That`s me! But hopefully some day,
Someday SOON….
I`ll be accepted for BEING MYSELF!!
`Cause no one could replace me….EVER!!

This post was submitted by Nicole.

His Love

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She’s Beautiful.
She’s Amazing.
She’s What Every Girl should Be.
She’s Nice.
She’s Sweet.
God I Wish She Can See I Never Want Her To Leave.
Her Smile.
Her Eyes.
God I Wish She Was Mine.
But She’s The Tragedy For My Story Line.
For I Know She Can’t Be Mine.
And For That There Goes My Heart.
And Life.

This post was submitted by Radical Rain.

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