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Snow Snow Snow

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Snow is falling all around,
It’s white and fluffy as it hits the ground.
Layers and layers are on my deck
and its not melting what the heck!
It’s glimmering and gleaming
and in the backyard my snowmans beaming.
Snow angels are everywhere,
then theres the real ones flying in the air.
Winter is a great time of year
it’s a time for joy, hope, and cheer!

This post was submitted by Abbie.

My Pride

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We had a good run,
but now it’s time for me to go my own way.
‘Cause when I was with you,
I began to lose my pride.
Now my days of misery with you are over.
All the times you left me waiting;
left me wondering are now no more.
Don’t worry, their is no broken heart;
for now it’s my heart of stone (I’m letting go)
now my pride has grown two times as fast;
two times as strong.
But you’ll never know.

This post was submitted by SamT..

The Perfect Man

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i found you
my dream come true
you give me theses feelings
i dont know what to do
no man will ever compare to you

we can sit and talk for hours
your always sweet and never sour
you always know what to say
and you love to pay

you give me butterflies
when i look in those wonderful blue eyes,
your my everything, the light of my life
your smile makes my life worth while

your always on my mind
so impossible to find
i am falling for you
that is not hard to do

so none the less you are the best,
one of a kind and all mine

This post was submitted by Brittany Diamond.

You Told Me You Alway Be There

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You told me when ever i needed you.
You would be there
You told me when ever i cry you will be there to wipe my eyes dry
You you told me I’m your daddy and I’m gonna stick by your side
But you never told me you cares
You was never there when i was scared
you never help me face my fears
That’s why i always act like i cant hear
Because you was never that one to tell me you always be there
now i really don’t care
But now you want to be there act like you care. But guess u still wasn’t there.

This post was submitted by Leaquandria.


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i fall asleep, dreaming without color
im a princess dressed in white,
your a picture perfect warrior
im forbidden to have.
the law and council forbid
you different, than everyone else
im not supposed to love you
but i do.
once thought it was him
but meant to be with you.
when im around you i glow
you make me feel like im more
than just the kings daughter.
you make me beautiful
a smile to my lips
a blush to my pale skin
and a twinkle to my baby blues.
im a princess dressed in white
you make me feel like a queen
in her royal gowns
then i wake up and i realize
that its just a dream, fairy tales aren’t real
and my forbidden warrior is just that

This post was submitted by bailee wise.

Just Missing You

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Once upon a time…i believe in fairy tales…i believe in you…
i made a fool out of myself…and start loving you….
i close my eyes for every lies you make…
even though my own heart can no longer take it…

You were the only one…my only man…
but why is there another woman…
i have only loved you…and only you…

You said you cared for me…
and that you will always love me…
where are those promises…
now im all alone in my miseries…

You told me to wait…and im still here…
though i can no longer bear…
i miss you so badly…
it makes me cry and cry…..

This post was submitted by riyha.

Countless Times

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Countless Times I Loved You,

Countless Times I Cared.

Countless Times I Cried For You And You Just Watched And Stared,

Countless Times I fell, Countless Times I Rised,

But Now Its Time For Me To Say Not Countless But Only One Goodbye.

This post was submitted by Natasha M..

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