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I Wonder

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Everybody wants to go to heaven
Nobody wants to die

Everybody wants to get without any reason
Nobody wants to give without any reason

Everybody wants to be the center of attraction
Nobody wants to give a damn to other peron’s feelings

Everybody wants to stay ahead of people
Nobody wants to give it a thought for the purpose he is ahead of people smarter than him

I wonder if former is possible without the latter.

This post was submitted by Jagdeep.

In the night

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Late at night when I lay in my bed,
your words running through my head,
I’m only thinking of you,
oh yes, that’s true…
So many questions are left to ask,
My heart is beating really fast,
I think of what’s gotten into me,
a covered desire,
an untold love,
dreams at day and night…
..and the day never ends,
Its all because of you,
deep inside my heart,
I know you are there,
but you dont know, how much I care…

This post was submitted by Alice.

Love Me For Who I Am

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I May Seem Ugly
Get To Know Me
Then Decide
If You Love Me
But Love Me For Who I Am
Not For How I Look.

This post was submitted by Stacie.

Love is Hard

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Falling in love is easy
Falling out of love is hard
How can you fall from love to regret
How can I stay in the same love as when we first met
When your decision was set you got up and left
When I figured out why your bag was on your desk I was upset
All you said was good-bye
All I did was cry
I was so angry and sad
I sobbed for when that someday you will return
You never did
You big JERK
I sit here broken Hearted
I remember when i opened up to you
But I see I lose
You checked my King on this checker broad of my worn out life
I was born to loved and lost.

This post was submitted by julie132.

Best Friends

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Crazy days and screwed nights,,,
tons of crushes and stupid fights…..
secrets we’ll take to the grave,,,,
pictures we’ll forever save….
through thick and thin always true,,,,
Best Friends Forever me and you <3

This post was submitted by Ratika.

Start To Break

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We had everything we ever wanted
lying right there in our wake
Life had other plans
We watched it start to break

The sun no longer has a spark
The stars refuse to shine
The moon falls behind the clouds
Birds singing out of time

We used to lay side-by-side
Staring into each others eyes
everything felt like a dream
we gazed into the night sky

Look me in the eye and say
Why am I behind closed doors
you’re still my entire world
But I’m no longer yours.

This post was submitted by Ian Rollins.

I Still Love You…

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Wish i could spend my whole life with you..
because i truly loved you and always will..
though you are gone, a part of you is still with me..
i close my eyes and your memories flash before me..
people say i have turned insane because i wait upon you..
you might not come back, but i stand and stare; because i still love you..

This post was submitted by Hannah Wilkey.

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