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The One…

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I want the one,,
to whom i can devote my life
with whom i can sit and talk for hours
the one, who can always stand by my side
i want the one that will walk miles to see me for just a sight
for whom nothing is more precious than my smile
the one who can never let me go,
the one who walks by me, even if i walk slow.
until i can have him
i will wait patiently and live my life until then…

This post was submitted by Hannah Wilkey.

I Am Sorry

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I’m sorry for not telling you my words
I’m sorry for not keeping my promise
I’m sorry for forgetting your needs
But ill never forget to love you

Ill never forget you in pain
Ill never forget your beauty
Ill never forget your existence
So ill be sorry for not being by your side

When you cry my tears run
When your hurt we’ll both need aid
When you die the earth dies

I’m sorry for forgetting your time of loneliness
But ill never forget i love you.

This post was submitted by Sakeme Sechii.


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I am everywhere
But do they ever hear the thoughts i’m always speaking?
A voice is what i am
A sound that’s not so grand
I’m this because i’m nothing

A dream left to be forgotten
A memory left to be erased
A heart made to be broken
A voice never to be heard
I’m these because i’m nothing

My emotions have rotted
A puppet left to learn
I’m left a person with no purpose
I can not express how i feel to you
I can not tell what’s my mood

I have finally gone mute
My voice has no need for sound
Ill forever be empty for reason of being nothing .

This post was submitted by Sakeme Sechii.

Go Die

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You Said you would care
You Said you would be there
You Said I was your number one
You Said you’re done.
I feel like crying
I feel like dying
Why would you do that to me?
Why push me away?
You Said, “I promise.”
You Said, “I can’t do this.”
You Said, “Goodbye.”
I said, “Go die!”

This post was submitted by Arjun.


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One deep breath and it will ease the pain
Two deep breaths and the pain will be gone
Close your eyes
See the pain is no longer there
Do you dare to open your eyes again?
The pain may recreate its self.
One eye open and the splinters of agony are there
Two eyes open and the sting is too much to sustain
Never should have opened your eyes.

This post was submitted by Letisha Monteith.

I Miss You

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Without You.. My
Mind forgets to Think
Eyes forgets to Blink
Lungs forgets to Breathe
Ear forgets to Listen
Tongue forgets to Talk
Legs forgets to Walk

Come Back to me at least
before my Heart forgets to BEAT……

This post was submitted by Prasad.

Always & Forever

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Inside I cry I wont lie,
The words u say wont fade away,
With the light of another day
Thoughs not spoken,
Your words are broken
Turn my cheek, I can not speek,
With tears rolling down,
Will my heart ever be found,
Lost in Time I try to rewind,
Try to find were once again,
You are Always and Forever mine<3

This post was submitted by Raeleen.

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